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          SHENGFENG pipe cutting machine have broken through the traditional way of cutting pipes, such as using sawing machine with saw blade, disc saws, we use rotary cutting tools to cut the pipes. The working mode is rotating the cutting tools instead of rotating the pipes. With PLC control technology, it is an automatic pipe cutting equipment. As the device shows high cutting speed, high precision, low cost of the cutters, it has been widely applied in many industries.

          CN160-C pipe cutting machine technical parameters

          Working mode: pipe fixed, cutters rotating

          Electric control modePLC

          Cutting tool: NC cutting tools

          Tool rest quantity: 2

          Pipe diameter range: Φ76mm—Φ159mm

          Pipe thickness: 1—12mm

          Amount of feed: adjustable by servo motor

          Cutting length range: 20-650mm / 20-1200mm one time

          Longer length can feed once again

          Feeding speed: 200mm / sec

          Feeding accuracy:±0.15mm (500mm)

          Motor power: 7.5Kw

          Spindle speed: stepless speed regulation

          Clamping method: self-centering hydraulic clamping

          Feeding mode: servo motor, ball screw, linear guideway

          Cooling mode: self-circulation liquid cooling

          Machine Features

          Using the mature PLC technology, through the human-computer interaction interface and equipment,

          the operation can be manual and automatic, it is easy to operate and learn.

          Adopt unique servo feed mode, it is more stable, accurate, and with high speed.

          Being made of alloy steel cutting tool, it is low cost.

          Self centering hydraulic clamping, working stable and reliable.

          Nylon clamps are suitable the pipe with thickness 0.8-3mm, it is not easy to damage the pipe surface;

          And over 3mm, we use V-type clamp, this clamp model is more convenient.

          The feeding is controlled by servo motor, ball screw and linear guide way, with high precision

          and accurate size.

          Stepless speed spindle, it can adjust the cutting speed.

          The dates of the pipe cutting length can input the automatic control with permanent memory.

          The calculator function will show the number of processing at any time.

          The height of the pipe bracket can be adjustable, it is easy to use.

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